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Individual Therapy

​Life is a beautiful adventure that can present many challenges. Through this one-on-one experience, you will be empowered, nurtured, and supported as you make lifestyle changes that promote healing, health, and wellness.  I will provide a safe space for you to grow through self-exploration so you can gain insight, understanding, and deeper knowledge about yourself and the patterns that hinder your quality of life. You will learn how to rediscover, utilize and build upon your own internal strengths so you can increase your self-esteem and approach life's challenges with confidence.  You will learn skills and strategies to handle difficult situations, make healthy decisions, and reach personal/life goals. 

Are you ready to create a healthy, meaningful, and fulfilling life?

(Children/ Adolescents Ages 15 - 17; Adults 18+)


Indivdual Therapy
Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy

Being in a healthy and supportive relationship can contribute to a long, healthy, and happy life.  Couples therapy provides a safe and healing opportunity for partners to gain awareness, insight, and understanding about themselves, their relationship, and patterns that create tension, conflict, and deterioration of the relationship.  Through couples therapy, partners will learn healthy communication patterns that promote intimacy and connection vs distance and defensiveness.  Partners will learn how to support one another as they heal new and old relationship wounds.  Partners will learn skills and strategies to address areas within as well as outside of the relationship and how to make healthy joint decisions that embraces both partners perspectives.


Are you ready to learn together, heal together, and grow together?



(Relationship/ Premarital/ Marital Issues/ Separation/ Divorce)



Family Therapy

Every family strives for balance, unity, and wholeness.  In a safe healing environment, family members will gain awareness and understanding into their unhealthy family dynamics that interferes with their family balance, unity, and wholeness. Through family therapy, members will learn how to enhance and implement clear congruent effective communication patterns and healthy boundary setting.  Family members will learn how to work together by implementing skills and strategies to address and problem solve various family and life stressors.  Every family member will learn how to have deeper empathy for one another, be empowered to find their own voice in a healthy way, and learn how to flourish in their own home environment.


Family Therapy

 Support Groups

All support groups/classes are facilitated by a licensed therapist.


Support groups/classes provide a safe and healing opportunity for people to obtain knowledge about the areas they are struggling with, gain coping strategies to overcome various barriers, opportunities to share personal experiences and feelings, and the foundation to obtain support while making human connections.

Grief and Loss Support Group (please contact us for more information)

Group Therapy
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